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NXP LPC1343 Starter Kit  
Order#: P13L     Delivery Wt:1.5lb     Lead Time[Replacement: BS13]
The LPC1343 Starter Kit is a brand new, cost-effective but high-performance evaluation tool of the ARM Cortex-M3 based LPC13xx controller family from NXP, allowing you to create and test working programs for this advanced architecture. The kit works at up to 72MHz, and integrates a NXP LPC1343 Evaluation Board and a smart USB JTAG Debugger which makes you don’t need to buy another JTAG Emulator for development. In addition, the plenty of software examples accompanied with the kit will be convenient for you to evaluate the functions of the NXP LPC1343 processor and ease your development.
  • Integrates a NXP LPC1343 Target Board and A smart JTAG Debugger for nxp lpc1300.
  • NXP LPC1343 ARM 32-bit Cortex™-M3 CPU, up to 72 MHz
  • Extremely cheap, only US$30
NXP LPC1343 Starter Kit
Price: $30 Shopping Cart
    Block Diagram of LPC1343 Kit
    NXP LPC1343 Target Board Features
    • LPC13xx ARM 32-bit Cortex-M3 CPU, 72 MHz maximum frequency
    • 8 LED light tube, a power supply LED
    • A mini-type USB socket, just power supply
    • A BOOT button
    • A RESET button
    • SSP interface An RS232 connection socket (DB9) (support RS-485/EIA-485)
    • I2C interface
    • I2C interface connects to external EEPROM
    • 10-bit ADC Module
    • A JTAG/SWD debug interface
    • Power Supply: USB powered
    USB JTAG Debugger Features
    • Support LPC1300 Series currently (also support Cortex-M0 MCUs)
    • Support SW/JTAG debug and Download
    • Download speed up to 110KB/s
    • Flexible debugging socket, support 20/10/8 pins connector
    • Support Keil MDK and CooCox full series software
    LPC1343 Target Board Software Resources



    Blinky Use 16-bits timer to achieve LED1 blinky.
    GPIO Use GPIO port to achieve input event interrupt. GPIO ports set as input event,single edge trigger, active high.
    PMU Configure PMU to put some of the peripheral in sleep mode.
    SSP SSP LOOPBACK mode test.
    SysTick Configure the SysTick to generate a time base equal to 1 ms. According systick delay to achieve LED toggle.
    Timer32 Use 32-bits timer to achieve LED1 blinky delay.
    UART Use UART to send and receive data through HyperTerminal.
    WDT WatchDog application example.
    I2C_EEPROM I2C EEPROM Read/write test
    Temperature Sensor I2C Temperature sensor test
    Applications for NXP LPC1300 MCU
    • eMetering
    • Lighting
    • Industrial networking
    • Alarm systems
    • White goods
    Related documentations
    Documentations Size Download
    NXP LPC1343 Starter Kit User Manual 0.97 MB
    NXP LPC1343 Starter Kit Schematic 67.5 KB
    NXP LPC1343 MCU Datasheet 325 KB

    The NXP LPC1300 series is based on the Cortex-M3 Rev2 core and is designed for embedded 16 and 32-bit applications. The new MCUs operate at 70MHz and consume about 200 μA per MHz.

    LPC1300 Microcontrollers Features
    • ARM Cortex-M3 processor running at up to 70MHz
    • Up to 32KB flash, up to 8KB SRAM
    • USB 2.0 full-speed device controller with on-chip PHY (LPC134x)
    • 8-channel 10-bit ADC
    • UART, SPI controller, I2C-bus interface
    • Up to 42 GPIO pins
    • 4 timers plus programmable WDT with lockout feature
    • Integrated power management with deep-sleep modes
    • Integrated clock generation
    The new LPC1311/13/42/43 microcontrollers feature up to 32kB of flash memory, 8kB of SRAM memory, low-cost USB, up to 42 general purpose I/O pins, and built-in Nested Vectored Interrupt Controller (NVIC). The LPC1300 enables in-system programming and in-application programming via on-chip bootloader software and offer a range of serial interfaces including high speed USB 2.0 with on-chip PHY, UART, SSP/SPI controller, and I2C-bus interface. For ease of use, USB Mass Storage and HID class drivers are included on-chip enabling USB communication to be set up in minutes. These drivers are incorporated in ROM, leaving 100% of the user Flash space for the application.
    LPC1300 Selection Guide
    More Info: The NXP LPC1300 series Microcontrollers
    1 NXP LPC1343 Starter Kit 1 Include a target board and a JTAG Debugger
    2 DB9 to IDC10 Pins Cable 1 Connect the debug interface of lpc1343 target board to the COM interface of the PC
    3 Mini USB Cable 1 USB-A(M) to Mini-B(M;5pins)
    4 CD-ROM 1 Including the user manual, datasheets, software, shematics, etc.
    Total weight of each standard package (lb.): 1.0 lb.
    Order# Descriptions Unit Price Remarks
    P13L NXP LPC1343 Starter Kit $30 Add CartAdd to cart Please contact us for higher volumes
    Note: MOQ 2pcs, that means you are required to purchase at least 2 pieces for each order.
    View Cart >>
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