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STM32F107 ARM Cortex-M3 Board  
Order#: STMC     Delivery Wt:1.5lb     Lead Time[4 weeks]
The Embest STM32F107 ARM Cortex-M3 board is used the STMicroelectronic's ARM Cortex-M3 core based STM32F107VC microcontroller, working at up to 72MHz frequency, with 256KB Flash and 64KB RAM internal memory. The board features a 2.4 inch TFT LCD Panel (320*240) with touch screen, as well as a wide rang of peripherals: mini USB supporting USB OTG , 10/100Mb Ethernet, Micro SD Card, TFT-LCD, ADC, DAC, SPI, IIC, RS232 (DB9), two CAN, speaker, earphone, five-position Joystick, Reset buttons, etc. In addition, there are plenty of example projects accompanied with this board, which enables engineers to evaluate the full features of the STM32F107VC processor and accelerate to design and develop their own projects based on this processor.
  • On-Chip Memory: 256KB Flash & 64KB RAM
  • 2.4 inch color QVGA TFT LCD with touch screen
  • Plenty of example projects, all in source code
  • STM32F107 ARM Cortex-M3 Board
    Price: $150 Shopping Cart
      Embest STM32F107 Board Features
      • Processor: STM32F107VC 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 Core based MCU, 72MHz
      • Internal memory: 256KB Flash & 64KB RAM
      • Power supply by USB
      • Support touchscreen connector interface extention
      • 1 x 2.4 inch TFT LCD Panel with touch screen, 320*240
      • 1 x mini USB interface supporting USB OTG
      • 1 x 10/100Mb Ethernet interface
      • 1 x Micro SD Card interface
      • 1 x SPI interface
      • 1 x IIC interface
      • 1 x TFT LCD interface
      • 1 x 20pins JTAG Debug interface
      • 1 x potentiometer
      • 4 x seven-segment digitron tube
      • 1 x speaker
      • 1 x earphone port
      • 1 x five-position Joystick
      • 1 x temperature sensor
      • 4 x LEDs
      • 1 x Reset button
      • 54 I/O pins extension(PA0~8, PB0, PB1, PB5~9, PB12~15, PC0~13, PD0~12, PE0, PE2~7)
      • 1 x Embest STM32F107 ARM Cortex-M3 Board
      • 1 x Mini USB Cable
      • 1 x Serial Cable
      • 1 x Net Cable
      • 1 x 2.4 inch TFT LCD Panel
      • 1 x CD-ROM
      Related documentations
      Documentations Size Download
      ST STM32F107 Eval Board User Manual 744KB
      ST STM32F107 Eval Board Schematic 132KB
      STM32F107 Datasheet 0.98MB
      About STMicroelectronics

      STMicroelectronics is the world's fifth largest semiconductor company with net revenues of US$9.84 billion in 2008.

       STMicroelectronics was created in 1987 by the merger of SGS Microelettronica of Italy and Thomson Semiconducteurs of France. Since its formation, ST has grown faster than the semiconductor industry as a whole and it has been one of the world's Top Five semiconductor suppliers since 2005.

       The group totals over 50,000 employees, 16 advanced research and development units, 39 design and application centers, 15 main manufacturing sites and 78 sales offices in 36 countries.

       Corporate Headquarters, as well as the headquarters for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, (EMEA) are in Geneva. The Company's U.S. Headquarters are in Carrollton (Texas); those for Asia-Pacific are based in Singapore and Japanese operations are headquartered in Tokyo. The "Greater China" region, which includes Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, is headquartered in Shanghai.

       ST has a worldwide network of front-end (wafer fabrication) and back-end (assembly and test and packaging) plants. ST's principal wafer fabs are presently located in Agrate Brianza and Catania (Italy), Crolles, Rousset and Tours (France), and Singapore. The wafer fabs are complemented by highly efficient assembly and test facilities located in China, Malaysia, Malta, Morocco and Singapore.

      STM32F (ARM Cortex-M3) - 32-bit Microcontroller Families
      The STM32F advantages
    • Leading-edge architecture with the latest Cortex-M3 core from ARM
    • Excellent real-time behaviour
    • Oustanding power efficiency
    • Superior and innovative peripherals
    • Maximum integration
    • Easy development, fast time to market
      STM32F, the optimal platform choice
      The STM32F is an optimal choice to support many applications with the same platform:
    • From reduced memory and pin requirements to larger needs
    • From performance demanding to battery operated
    • From simple cost-sensitive to complex high-value
      You can upgrade to a higher or downgrade to a lower memory size, or use different packages without changing your initial layout or software.
      1 STM32F107 Cortex-M3 Board 1 Target Board; CPU: STM32F107VC.

      2 RS-232 Serial Cable / DB9 F-M 1 Female - Female.
      3 USB Cable / A-B 1 USB A (M) – mini B (M; 5pin).
      4 10/100 Ethernet Cable 1 Connect to the Ethernet port.
      Total weight of each standard package (kg): kg
      1 CDROM of STM32F107 Board (free) 1 01-Documents -- user manual, data sheets and the other development documents.
      02-Images -- image files for this product.
      03-Software -- software programs for this product.
      04-Tools -- the utilities tools and software
      Order# Descriptions Unit Price Remarks
        STM32F107 Cortex-M3 Board $150 Add CartAdd to cart Please contact us for higher volumes

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