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STM32F103ZE ARM Cortex-M3 Board  
Order#: SZE1     Delivery Wt:1.5 lb     

The STM32F103ZE is an ARM embedded evaluation board produced by Embest, integrate the STMicroelectronic ARM Cortex-M3 core-based processor STM32F103ZE, operating at a 72 MHz frequency. The board features USB, CAN, SD Card interface, TFT-LCD, RS232 serial interface, four 26-pin user extended interface, etc. Plenty of software examples, which can be used in Keil MDK environment, are accompanied in CDROM.

  • Internal memory: 512KB Flash, 64KB SRAM.
  • External memory: 128KB SRAM, 8M byte SPI Flash, 2MB NOR FLASH, 128MB NAND FLASH
  • uCOS-II v2.86 ported
  • Source code of example program
STM32F103ZE ARM Cortex-M3 Board
Price: $120 Shopping Cart
    Related documentations
    Documentations Size Download
    ST STM32F103ZE Eval Board User Manual 543KB
    ST STM32F103ZE Eval Board Schematic 120KB
    TFT LCD Schematic of STM32F103ZE Eval Board 20.7KB
    STM32F103ZE Datasheet 1.65MB
    About STMicroelectronics

    STMicroelectronics is the world's fifth largest semiconductor company with net revenues of US$9.84 billion in 2008.
    STMicroelectronics was created in 1987 by the merger of SGS Microelettronica of Italy and Thomson Semiconducteurs of France. Since its formation, ST has grown faster than the semiconductor industry as a whole and it has been one of the world's Top Five semiconductor suppliers since 2005.

    The group totals over 50,000 employees, 16 advanced research and development units, 39 design and application centers, 15 main manufacturing sites and 78 sales offices in 36 countries.
    Corporate Headquarters, as well as the headquarters for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, (EMEA) are in Geneva. The Company's U.S. Headquarters are in Carrollton (Texas); those for Asia-Pacific are based in Singapore and Japanese operations are headquartered in Tokyo. The “Greater China” region, which includes Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, is headquartered in Shanghai.

    ST has a worldwide network of front-end (wafer fabrication) and back-end (assembly and test and packaging) plants. ST's principal wafer fabs are presently located in Agrate Brianza and Catania (Italy), Crolles, Rousset and Tours (France), and Singapore. The wafer fabs are complemented by highly efficient assembly and test facilities located in China, Malaysia, Malta, Morocco and Singapore.

    Product Portfolio

    ST aims to be the leader in multimedia convergence and power applications, offering one of the world's broadest product portfolios, including application-specific products containing a large proprietary IP (Intellectual Property) content and multi-segment products that range from discrete devices to high-performance microcontrollers, secure smart card chips and MEMS devices.

    To maximize the benefit of scale that is becoming increasingly important in some semiconductor markets, ST completed the creation of two joint ventures in 2008. In the memory field, ST, Intel and Francisco Partners formed a new company, Numonyx, dedicated to providing non-volatile memory solutions, including NAND and NOR Flash memories as well as MCP (multi-chip package) memory solutions, for a wide variety of consumer and industrial applications. ST holds a 48% share in Numonyx.

    ST has also been very active in the wireless arena. In mid 2008, ST and NXP combined their key wireless semiconductor operations in a joint venture, in which ST held 80%. In February 2009, ST acquired the minority stake from NXP and merged its wireless operations with Ericsson Mobile Platforms to create ST-Ericsson, a 50/50 joint venture focusing on semiconductors and platforms for mobile applications.

    STMicroelectronics Cortex-M3 Products
    STM32 (Cortex-M3) - 32-bit Microcontrollers

    The STM32 family of 32-bit Flash Microcontrollers is based on the breakthrough ARM Cortex™-M3 core - a core specifically developed for embedded applications. The STM32 family benefits from the Cortex-M3 architectural enhancements including the Thumb-2 instruction set to deliver improved performance with better code density, significantly faster response to interrupts, all combined with industry leading power consumption.

    The STM32 family is built to offer new degrees of freedom to MCU users. It offers a complete 32-bit product range that combines high-performance, real-time, low-power and low-voltage operation, while maintaining full integration and ease of development.

    Compatibility of pin-assignments, peripherals and software across all STM32 devices is a core technical feature throughout this family of microcontrollers.

    STM32F10x Introduction
    Key Features:
    Leading-edge architecture with the latest Cortex-M3 core from ARM
    Excellent real-time behaviour
    Oustanding power efficiency
    Superior and innovative peripherals
    Maximum integration
    Easy development, fast time to market
    STMicroelectronics Cortex-M3 Product List
    STM32F103ZE (STM3210E) Features
    High-density Performance line, ARM-based 32-bit MCU with up to 512 KB Flash, USB, CAN, 11 timers, 3 ADCs and 13 communication interfaces.
    Relevant Documentation Description Link & Attribute
    Cortex-M3 selection guide -- --
    Cortex-M3 product list -- --
    Leaflet of STMicroelectronics Cortex-M3 STM32 MCU family - 32-bit Flash microcontrollers powered by ARM® Cortex™-M3 / BRSTM320808 1.02M
    Reference Program & Software Tools Description Link & Attribute
    -- -- --
    1 STM3210E ARM Cortex-M3 Board 1 One STM3210E ARM-CM3 Board
    One RS-232 Serial Cable
    One USB Cable
    One 2.4" TFT LCD Panel (240x320)
    2 Emlink for ARM 1 One Emlink for ARM
    One JTAG20-14-8 Convert Module
    One IDC14 Cable
    One 8pins Cable
    Total weight of each standard package (kg): 1.9kg
    1 CDROM of STM32F10E Starter Kit (free) 1 01-Documents -- user manual, data sheets and the other development documents.
    02-Images -- image files for this product.
    03-Software -- software programs for this product.
    04-Tools -- the utilities tools and software
    Order# Descriptions Unit Price Remarks
    SZE1 STM32F103ZE ARM Cortex-M3 Board $120 Add CartAdd to cart Please contact us for higher volumes

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